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Internet Issues troubleshooting

Internet is not online:

Could you please follow the next steps to help you get that back online, if you still are having issues please send us an e-mail and we will send an engineer on the next working day to fix the problem.


  1. Please reboot your cube by turning it off at the plug for 10 seconds then back on, once you have done that wait 3-5 minutes and you should be back online. This refreshes the Wi-Fi signal

  2. Make sure the Black cable is in the blue port on the cube marked up (POE Out)

  3. Please make sure that the power is on to the cube by checking the light at the bottom flashes as its starting up.

  4. WARNING "DO NOT" USE THE RESET HOLE this will factory reset your cube and will require engineers to visit and a charge of £50.00

Additional troubleshooting

  1. Without insulting your intelligence are you connected to your Wi-Fi not 3G/4G mobile network

  2. Check your incoming signal Ariel has not fallen

  3. Has foliage grown over or in front of where the Ariel is aiming?


If your internet is still not working then please send us an e-mail and we will organise an engineer to visit ASAP.


TV issues and Media:


  1. Can you confirm you have rebooted your incoming devices/Cube by turning it off at the power for a few minutes?

  2. If you are having problems with incoming networked TVs and Media streaming services please check more than one service to make sure it's not the source like  IPTV streams or managed media websites

  3. For TV issues please refresh the Wi-Fi network on the TV,

  4. lastly, try and connect a cable between the cube and the TV as this is the best connection

If the problem persists please contact us via e-mail to as we may need to send an engineer to check your equipment.


Streaming Issues:

We are presuming that this is a streaming issue on Netflix or BBC IPLAYER or ITVX?


NOTE- IPTV services can be the source more than the internet itself and please be aware that streaming IPTV is illegal and you can be prosecuted if found using an illegal service?


1. When you get the buffering please check the quick speed test service on your phone if the internet is showing over 5 Mbps  then the internet isn’t the issue it may be the platform servers.


2. If the test shows over 10mbps and still buffers then there’s a simple explanation that can help resolve the problem- Netflix and other streaming services are set to work with best quality for your internet AUTO. But because wireless internet fluctuates from time to time it will be buffering to change the quality. for example UHD service streams at 25-30mbps where’s HD streams at 5-10mbps so the buffering is changing quality not lack of internet.


So we suggest if you go into the platform settings that’s giving you the issue change the quality to HD or better SD not AUTO and that buffering will stop but also not much picture difference. 


Lastly we have known the older Firesticks processors to slow down after updates etc so may be an option to try another fire stick.


If you are still having problems send us an e-mail at:


Weather Signal Issues

Signal Issues with Bad Weather: Unfortunately because these connections are wireless to your property, when we encounter severe rain this will distort your signal, this is only through the worst of the weather and your network will recover. In an ideal world we would have wired connections to your property but unfortunately the parks do not want that, we apologize for the inconvenience at these times and are working to try and have a solution for the problem.

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